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Business Field

Business Field

To meet our customers' needs,
we are organized into
4 divisions and our R&D Department.

Car Chemical Business Group・Division(Automotive Chemical 、Car Care Supplies)

OEM manufacturer for car manufacturers. We primarily supply engine coolant and brake fluid, providing our customers with the same sense of security and safety for decades. We have established a manufacturing and supply system so that our products can be used by automobile manufacturers not only in Japan but around the world. Going forward, we are actively developing products to respond to changes in the automobile industry (zero emission vehicles (ZEV) that have zero emissions from internal combustion engines).

Main products, Research themes

  • Engine coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Metal rubber
  • Long life brine ECO
  • Window washer fluid

We handle automobile body coating agents, water repellents for glass, waxes, and cleaners. The series is developed with the concept of "making it easier to keep your car beautiful". We are making every effort to develop and improve various car accessories and to improve our service in order to realize comfortable car life. We will create products that anyone can easily install, giving form to customer feedback.

Main products, Research themes

  • Car care products
  • Body coating agents
  • Water repellents for glass
  • Waxes and cleaners

Industrial Tire Division

We handle thermosetting urethane and thermoplastics. In particular, the adhesiveness of thermosetting urethane is an advantage second to none. We are expanding to environmentally friendly applications (antibacterial, electrically conductive, etc.) In addition, we will respond to requests from the design stage, from small lots to mass production.

Main products, Research themes

  • Industrial urethane wheels
  • Ultruns
  • Solid tires

Residential Construction Materials Division

We handle raw materials that can absorb sound and vibration energy, sound insulation materials, and soundproof drainage pipes that are integrated with PVC pipes. We can supply these to customers in various fields, from detached houses to apartments and condominiums. In addition to improving the living environment of our customers, we are also proactively proposing products that will reduce the time and effort required for construction on site.

Main products, Research themes

  • Soundproof drainage pipe
  • Fire protection compartment
    penetration member
  • Vibration damping sheets
  • Sound deadening paint
  • Sound absorbing material
  • Injection molded parts
  • Oil Vanish

R&D Department

We are conducting research and development to utilize the diverse functions of living things in people's lives. So far, we have been working on the development of supplements that can improve the quality of life and contribute to health, and on research and development leading to the conservation of the global environment by purifying contaminated water and soil. Since there are no restrictions on research fields, we can take on challenges in a wide range of fields. We also conduct joint research with universities to pursue new possibilities day by day.

Main products, Research themes

  • Fat-splitting microorganisms
  • Plant extracts
  • Triglyceride sensor
  • New vibration suppression material