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CEO Message

We will continue to change
with customer focus and achieve innovation
that fits the times.


We will face the times and

take on the challenge
of new possibilities.

Various industries are entering a period of change due to changes in the business environment such as the shift in power sources and resources and the progress of IT.
As a result, customer needs have diversified and risen.
We are a company that can face this changing era head-on and unceasingly provide unprecedented added value.
To that end, we must be highly conscious and pursue new possibilities.

It is crucial that we provide products and services that have not only high quality, but that also balance the performance and cost that customers require.
We have self-confidence that the know-how that we have accumulated over many years and our willingness to constantly take on the challenge of new stages is why we can supply higher quality more quickly.
CCI's strength is being able to make proposals that make use of multifaceted channels in various fields, both domestically and internationally.

We will continue to listen to the voices of our customers, continue to hone our technical capabilities so that we can respond flexibly, and also engage more intensely in research and development that can contribute to society and move ahead with our business development from a broad perspective.
If we bring together the passion of each and every employee, this will be a force for opening up a better future.
Believing that, we will continue to innovate.

President and CEO

岡部 鉄也

Tetsuya Okabe